SEAMUS 2012 – 4Quarters – TouchOSC layout installation

Hi SEAMUS folks:

Thanks for your interest in my upcoming installation at SEAMUS 2012. If you’re familiar with TouchOSC and know how to transfer files onto iTouch/iPhone, treatment then you can download the custom layout here.  If you’re not familiar with the app, I have step-by-step instructions below.

(Unfortunately I have not yet been able to include other apps or mobile platforms reliably, but hope to expand compatibility soon.  If you want to participate but do not have an iPhone/iTouch, or if you do not wish to spend $4.99 on this app, there will be a devices on hand at the installation to use.)

1. Download TouchOSC on either an iPhone or iPod Touch.  If interested, you can get it here

2. Download TouchOSC Editor to your desktop or laptop (you can get it here for a Mac, here for PC, and here for Linux).

3. Download this custom layout, which is a zipped .touchosc file.

4. Transfer the file 4Q_SEAMUS_2012.touchosc  from your desktop/laptop to the iTouch/iPhone.  One does this by opening up the attached file in TouchOSC Editor, then transferring the file to the phone over a WiFi network (or one can use iTunes as well).  There’s documentation here explaining the process, and additionally here’s a YouTube video someone made explaining how to do it.

Once you have the file on your device, you’ll be set to go for the installation.  The first page of the file looks like this:

 I’ll help with connectivity at SEAMUS.  Let me know if you have any questions!

5 thoughts on “SEAMUS 2012 – 4Quarters – TouchOSC layout installation

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  2. Greg

    Hi Nathan. This looks really cool! When I downloaded the 4Q_SEAMUS_2012.touchosc using Firefox on a Mac it unzipped unexpectedly as index.xml

    Any thoughts?


  3. Nathan Post author

    Hi Greg,

    I would try to rename the index.xml file as 4Q_SEAMUS_2012.touchosc and see if it opens in TouchOSC Editor. That’s really weird… Thanks for letting me know. I thought that zipping the file might help avoid stuff like this, but you learn as you go.

    Let me know if the renaming trick works. If not, we’ll figure something out.

    Looking forward to meeting you!


  4. Nathan Post author

    It looks like Firefox and my file aren’t playing nice. James Caldwell has had success downloading the file from Safari. I’m not sure whether Chrome is an effective browser, but I’m *really* hoping that at least some part of this process doesn’t require a Mac.

  5. Jason

    Chrome purges the “.touchosc” before the “.zip” and so what comes out is an XML file.

    The file I downloaded from Safari, however, had the extension “” but still zipped down to an unreadable xml file (didn’t work even with changing the extension)…

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